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Dear holder of the Multisport card,

As a result of our wellness being regularly overcrowded, we are forced to change the conditions of using the Multisport card for visiting wellness in Fit&Co. Beginning 21.1.2019, Multisport card holders will be able to use our wellness on working days only from 6:00 am until 4:00 pm and then again from 8:00 pm until 10:00 pm. Thus, even in case of visting wellness in the afternoon on a working day, it is necessary to leave wellness before 4:00 pm. In case of not leaving the wellness before 4 pm, the visitor will be billed an extra payment according to the valid Terms & Conditions of Fit&Co.

Kind regards,
Team Fit&Co

At the beginning, there was a passion and admiration for one of the most beautiful and most rapidly growing locations in Bratislava. That is why we decided to build a special place here for sports and relax, suited for city people, regardless of their age and level of physical capabilities, who love active life, fitness and relax.

Offered services

Fitness - You can enjoy a unique view of Danube river, Eurovea square and Slovak National Theater, when excercising with professional equipment from Life Fitness brand. Fitness includes cardio zone, strength zone and functional zone with carefully selected equipment so that everyone can design their a workout according to their needs. Furthermore, in the warm months of the year, an outdoor terrace is available for a workout in fresh air and with a beautiful view.

Group excercises - A special room designed for different kinds of group excercises offers everything for a quality workout. In our re-made schedule you can find 14 types of group excercises- more info at

Bootcamp&Co - Try our hot brand new workout, during which one can burn up to 1000 calories. A combination of dynamic and endurance training, carefully mixed music sets and special lighting will never bore you. More info at

For signing up to a group class or bootcamp class, please call the reception desk at: +421 904 112 201.

Wellness - Finish sauna, sanarium, steam cabine, spacial ice-maker, Kneipp’s walkway, cooling pool- all from a renowned german company Klafs. This and much more is always ready to make you relax. And as a bonus, thermal whirpools are always ready at our outdoor terrace.                                                                    

Terms and conditions of using services of Fit&Co

During your first visit, a registration is required - you submit your personal information, sign general conditions of membership and pay a registration fee of 10 euros for which you will be given a Fit&Co membership card. This card is used for entry and movement around Fit&Co and it will remain in your possession for future visits.

The MultiSport card holders can only use one of the aforementioned services in one day- it is either fitness, wellness, group excercise or bootcamp. No 2 services can be used in one day.

Fitness, group excercises and bootcamp are available with no further payment.

If you want to use wellness a 5 euro extra fee is charged and has to be paid on spot. The duration of your visit in wellness in such case is limited to 180 minutes.

Towels and sheets are only included in price when using wellness, other services require payment if you want towels with them.

We highly recommend bringing your own lock for the locker. If you do not have one, there are some available to buy at the reception desk.


Gym, Challenge, Body Art, Pilates, Flyfit, K1, Box, PortDeBras, Flow Yoga, BZS Training, Tabata, Mobillity a stretching, Bootcamp&Co,
Wellness additional fee 5€


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