Winter 2022/23

Be active even in winter

The MultiSport card is an experience that will transport you to the world of fun, sports, exercise, but also relaxation and free time. Simply, a card for everything and everyone. You don't have to be an athlete to try something new.

Whether you go skiing to PARK SNOW Donovaly, go cross-country skiing, enjoy snow tubing with your family, or relax in the sauna or anything else - it's up to you! You have at your disposal 260 types of activities, 2700 partners in Slovakia and Czech Republic. 1 entry every day, 365 days a year. MultiSport is VIRTUAL, you no longer need a plastic card. Perfect, right? With the MultiSport card, you will support not only your health, but also compensate for your workload and clear your head.

Use your MultiSport card to the fullest - follow your options and news on Facebook - from 1.12. we are launching an ADVENT CALENDAR OF DISCOUNTS (in Slovak language) for MultiSport card subscribers - use various products and services AT INTERESTING DISCOUNTS, up to 75%. And you have Christmas ready!

Register in the My MultiSport zone - here you will find discounts on products and services from our partners, online exercise videos, interesting articles and an activity search engine.

50% discount on ski passes to do PARK SNOW Donovaly

The discount is valid from 9 January 2023 with the MultiSport card for the following types of ski passes:
1 day

4 hours
Click HERE for more information about the partner and the discount.

Entrances to winter activities

(cross-country skiing areas)

Bachledka SKI & SUN, Ždiar
Čertovica, Brezno
Jakaski Jahodná
Jakaski Jahodná - Areál Anička, Košice
Kojšovská hoľa
Levoča Nordic Centrum
Liptovská Kokava
NBC Osrblie
Park Snow Donovaly
Pezinská Baba
Skalka pri Kremnici, Kremnica
Tatraheim, Lomnica
(downhill ride on rubber wheels)

PEPE SKI Veterná Poruba
SKI Bachledka, Ždiar

If you lack quality equipment for skiing, get it with a 12% discount on the entire range from Outdoor Guide.

Do you need to put your body together first? Rehabilitation aids from Reha Sport  with a 10% discount will help you in this.

Don't forget prevention either, take advantage of the 50 € discount on the DNA Complex test from DNA Era and find out more about yourself.

You don't have to give up water in winter. Visit swimming pools and spend your days feeling good that you have done something beneficial for yourself.

You don't have to be an athlete to enjoy MultiSport card to the fullest.
Come on public ice skating enjoy movement and socialization.

If you don't like winter, warm up - try padel, a new racket sport in Arena Padel in Bratislava

Or warm up and visit wellness, relaxation, or saunas.

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