Virtual MultiSport card


1. Download the My MultiSport mobile app in the App Store or Google Store / Play Store (click / scan and download).





2. Open the application and follow the instructions. Choose your country and then press continue.

3. Accept the terms of use.

4. The application will ask you if you want to create a virtual card, confirm and start. (During the process of switching from a MultiSport plastic card to a virtual MultiSport card, you must physically have the plastic card with you or have the barcode of your card available)

5. Log in/register to the My MultiSport account.

6. Add a phone number and confirm it with a code that is immediately sent to you via SMS.

7. Add a photo (important so that the gym can identify you when entering). It is important that your photo is clearly visible in the face area.

8. Your virtual card is switched on, just click on generate QR code in the application.


After activating the virtual card, your plastic card will no longer be active - it will not work. You can always use only one type of card - virtual OR plastic.

Use the virtual card in our entire network of partner facilities, including the Czech Republic.