he FUNNYLAND family amusement park is unique and the first project of a similar type and focus in Trenčín, as it combines children's activities with relaxation for their parents.

Family Fun Park - FUNNYLAND, offers an area of ​​1146 m2 sports, entertainment and relaxation for the whole family. There will be many sports and gaming attractions and facilities. In this amusement park children will find many surprises and a number of unusual attractions that will bring them in a non-violent and fun way to move and play various games. Each attraction will be unique and will create a unique theme park in the overall context.

In addition, FUNNYLAND will include a café-bar and fast food, a reading corner, a TV screening and various shows and youth programs. It will be possible to enjoy a full day of fun, movement and relaxation in FUNNYLAND without any problems. Schools and other groups will also have the opportunity to organize an excursion to this family theme park, coupled with an educational and sports program. FUNNYLAND will also offer a children's celebration organization.

The main mission of the FUNNYLAND family amusement park will be to provide families, schools and other organizations with a pleasant environment where children can have fun and develop their physical activity regardless of the season or weather. Family fun park FUNNYLAND offers year-round operation.

Not forgetting even the smallest customers and part of the complex will be a changing table, which is a must for mothers with toddlers.

There will be a stylish café-bar. The whole complex will be exclusively non-smoking. There will also be a children's corner for the youngest children, which is professionally designed with such equipment that not only do the children not be injured, but with different entertainment aids will develop their motor skills.

The main attraction of the entire complex will be a multifunctional climbing frame, full of surprises, obstacles, slides, slides and various adventures. Following the multifunctional climbing frame will be jumping trampolines, which perfectly practice the entire coordination of the body. Under the multifunctional climbing frame, visitors will find a multifunctional sports ground that meets the needs of ball games. And when your kids get tired, they will be able to take a relaxing break in our mini-cinema, where the fairy-tale films will be screened nonstop.

The FUNNYLAND family amusement park will be a unique project not only in Trenčín but also in the whole region of Trenčín region and it will be a great tourist attraction for families visiting Trenčín.

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