How to start doing sports


They say that the hardest thing is always the beginning, the first imaginary step towards change. This is the case in work tasks, in relationships, but also in the process of lifestyle change. Before your first workout in the gym, clouds of thoughts run through your head. You don't know how the training will go, if you can handle it, how many people will be looking at you. At the same time, you feel awkward even before you have crossed the threshold of the fitness center and actually started the training. Don't nip your goals in the bud. We will advise you how to overcome fear and start playing sports with self-confidence and will, which will transform from the first shy step into running after the dream figure.

In addition to positive effects on health, sport also brings risks associated with injury. However, this risk can be reliably eliminated to such an extent that the movement will mainly bring you joy. Let's look together at a few basic principles that eliminate the chance of injury to a minimum.

Movements and sports are beneficial for human health and psychological well-being and are an integral part of the daily routine. Regular exercise helps reduce the risk of heart disease and vascular disease, reduces stress and anxiety, improves sleep quality and generally contributes to an increase in quality of life. We could read the list of benefits that movement brings until the evening. However, regular movement also brings the risk of injury, which can have short-term as well as permanent consequences.

Overcoming fear

Exercise brings countless health benefits. Burning calories, a chance to lose weight, get stronger and shape a better figure. In addition to improving physical health, exercise is also beneficial for improving mental health. By visiting the gym regularly, you will gain healthy self-confidence and make new acquaintances with like-minded people. Not to mention the influx of positive energy and good mood that comes immediately after training and stems from the feeling of a job well done. If you're still hesitating, know that you're definitely not the only one.

The vast majority of gym users are people likes you. Beginners with no experience or people who exercise occasionally. Only a small percentage are perfectly sculpted men lifting huge weights and women with sculpted figures and not an extra gram of fat. Therefore, there is no reason to feel inferior. And if it is this small group of visitors who are in the gym every day, they also know how difficult it is to start. Instead of ridicule, you can expect advice and a warm welcome. It is these people who are often very willing to help and share their experiences.

If you are afraid of the looks of the surroundings, keep in mind that you go to the gym first and foremost to do sports and exercise. Most visitors are busy with their own training and precise execution of individual exercises. Observing and evaluating the surroundings is the last thing that people really think about. If you want to make real progress, you should behave in the same way. To completely forget about your surroundings and focus on yourself, your needs and your training.

Preparation for sports and quality stretching

Stretching is an important part of preparing for sports and the time after it. Proper stretching can help reduce the risk of injury and even improve your performance. It can be performed before or after training. However, it depends on the specific activity and the range of exercises. Before playing sports, you should stretch the muscles you will be using during the activity. Ideally, you should do the stretching after the warm-up, so that you warm up and the muscles are already at temperature. After sports, you should stretch to help your muscles relax and regenerate. This stretch should last longer than stretching before sports.

Try not to overdo this process. You should not feel pain while stretching. If you feel pain, it means that the stretching is too intense and may cause injury. Proceed gradually and do not exceed the pain threshold. Static 30- to 60-second stretches, when you systematically push against a certain muscle, are ideal. You can also find inspiration on the Internet, where there are many exercises with detailed descriptions from qualified trainers.

First steps in the fitness center

If you have already forgotten all your doubts, it is time to choose a suitable gym. Rather, choose establishments that are close to your home or work, so that in the future you do not postpone training due to unnecessary distance. This will save you valuable time and money for transportation. The database of partner establishments of MultiSport is also an ideal place to choose a suitable establishment. You can filter a specific activity or area in a clear way. Moreover, with the MultiSport card, you do not necessarily have to visit only one operation, but take advantage of the variety of this offer. In this way, you can organize several fitness centers and other sports activities during the week. You can also reliably find a fitness center even during a longer visit to your parents or friends in another city.

Before your first visit, you can visit the website or social networks of the establishment in question and familiarize yourself a bit. If you don't have time for that, the staff at the reception will certainly be happy to give you advice and explain how things work for them. On your first visit, don't forget to pack sports clothes, indoor shoes, a sports towel and a water bottle. If you also take a shower after exercise, don't forget shower gel, shampoo or other cosmetics.

Correct outfit and protective equipment

Different sports require different types of equipment. The right outfit and protective equipment are important to prevent sports injuries. For example, during football you should use special shoes for the grass surface, while skiing and cycling a protective helmet is important.

Make sure you use the right gear for the sport. My MultiSport also offers such rewards in the form of discounts. Some sports require the use of protective equipment such as knee, elbow, teeth or neck guards. Also, before every sport, check whether your equipment is in good condition. If the shoes are worn or the protectors are damaged, they can cause injuries. This is doubly true, for example, in climbing sports, where the equipment ensures your safe return to the ground.

Try to choose products from reputable manufacturers that meet safety standards. When using equipment or protective equipment, strictly follow the manufactures instructions. These instructions will help you avoid injury and ensure that the product performs as it should.

Choice of sport and correct technique

In addition to the correct warm-up and appropriately chosen protective equipment, you should also not forget the appropriate choice of sport. If you have a problem with your shoulders, choose a sport that primarily involves your legs. Do not underestimate the management technique of the execution itself. Incorrect technique can damage your joints and muscles and cause injury. It is therefore better, in the case of a new sport, to try a few lessons with an experienced friend or coach at the beginning.


Visiting the fitness center is connected with the purpose of progressing, improving your health, condition and figure. However, this is impossible without properly set training, specific exercises, repetitions and intensity. If you are a complete beginner in fitness, it is definitely worth starting with a trainer, at least for the first few months. The trainer can help you motivate yourself, create a training plan for you and help with the technical execution of the exercises. Going to work out can be difficult at first, but once you pay a trainer, it's more than likely that you won't just skip a class. Although investing in a trainer can be quite expensive, it is an investment in your health and future that will pay you back many times over.

Finding a good trainer can be difficult, especially if you are looking for a specialist in a specific activity. Carefully study the fitness center's website and look at the profiles of the trainers they offer. From the description, you should learn more about their experience, references and specialization. In this way, you can also check the validity of certificates from relevant organizations such as NSCA, ACE or NASM, which the trainers have. Ideally, before starting the long-term training process and setting up regular lessons with the given trainer, you try one training session. In this way, you will see whether the trainer correctly perceives your needs, limits, and whether you also match in terms of people and communication. In addition to being an expert, a good trainer should also be a good motivator and should be able to properly encourage you to push your limits. He should also be able to advise on the creation of a diet or additional sports activities.

These can be included in the next phase of the training process. Their task is to make training special, add extra activity and take you one step further towards a new figure and a total lifestyle change. One of the alternatives is a regular visit to the swimming pool. During swimming, at an average speed, the body burns many more calories than during training in the gym, not to mention other health benefits. Thanks to the MultiSport card, you have the opportunity to visit a wide network of partner establishments throughout Slovakia. The principle is the same as in gyms. Just find your city and the given activity on the map.

Group trainings

In a separate category are group exercises, which can be an even better option for a confused beginner than training in a gym. During this training, an experienced trainer stands in front of you, who explains and shows individual exercises. You get carried away by the energy of the crowd and repeat what the people around you are doing. The focus, as well as the difficulty, can vary. It is therefore important to choose a workout that you can hold on. Most establishments offer a fairly detailed description, so you know what awaits you before training. If you have doubts and shyness even before this training, keep in mind that during group training you will not have time to deal with your surroundings. The trainees concentrate on breathing, correct execution of the exercises and mirroring the trainer. During the breaks, you then concentrate all your energy on continuing. Tabata, various dynamic trainings on mats or jumping can be included among great burning workouts. Energy discharge guarantee is guaranteed.


Do not delay the visit to the doctor

In the event that an injury occurs or you feel unexpected pain, see your doctor immediately. Untreated injuries can be extremely lengthy and cause more and more problems. Proper rehabilitation can often get you back on track and bring you back to your pre-injury sports performance.


THE AUTHOR: Michal Haviar